The Master Of Design

Editor / Design: Jumping He
Staff: Gu Xin
Publisher: PageOne (Singapore) & hesign (Berlin / Shanghai)
ISBN: 981-245-430-6 (Chinese / English)
ISBN-13: 978-981-245-426-3 (English) (Niklaus Troxler)
ISBN: 981-245-429-2 (Chinese / English)
ISBN-13: 978-981-245-425-6 (English) (Eiko Ishioka)
ISBN: 981-245-431-4 (Chinese / English)
ISBN-13: 978-981-245-427-0 (English) (Pierre Bernard)
ISBN: 981-245-432-2 (Chinese / English)
ISBN-13: 978-981-245-428-7 (English) (Werner Jeker)
The Master Of Design — Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland), Eiko Ishioka (Japan), Pierre Bernard (France) and Werner Jeker (Switzerland)
The Master Of Design series is
a 4-book series which features four internationally acclaimed designers’ masterpieces, design philosophy
and concepts. They include Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland), Eiko Ishioka (Japan), Pierre Bernard (France) and Werner Jeker (Switzerland).These designers have become
renowned for the revolutionary and innovative designs they have created since the 1960s. Each book in
the series comprises interviews and reviews that cover the major achievements of the featured designer, as well as their of design philosophy and concepts. Troxler is a graphic designer, the founder of Jazz Festival Willisau and a professor at the National Academy of the Arts, Stuttgart, Germany. Eiko Ishioka is a graphic designer and stage and stage costume designer. Pierre Bernard is a graphic
designer who has worked for the Louvre and Pompidou Centre and is a teacher at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Werner Jeker is a graphic
and exhibition designer, and
co-head of Studies in Visual Communication at Berne University of the Arts.