Beyond Design
Jiangsu Phoenix Fine Arts Publishing House

“In the book ‘Pain, the Unanesthetizable,’ there are numerous personal experiences that defy theoretical logic. What I am facing now is the risk of public scrutiny after publication, and I am unsure if I can endure this test. However, I am sincere; I believe in the power of emotional communication. In another work, ‘Black Solitude,’ I wrote: ‘Only human emotions are the catalyst for the progress of disciplines, even in the most calmly written design history. Without the support of personal emotions, words become like gears without lubrication, accompanied by harsh noises, making them difficult to read and accept. A person easily moved by emotions possesses the readability required for writing.’ ‘Black Solitude’ is a work I have crafted over the past three decades. The most profound way to observe others’ works is to write down the feelings they evoke.”

Jianping He

26.10.2023, Berlin