New Movement
Tan Zhuo

"New Movement" is the English name for our artistic innovation unit. The team was quite excited about the chosen name, finding it cool and sensing a powerful energy—a youthful determination to make something significant. Venturing into new territory is always challenging, as there is no existing experience to guide you. However, if the difficulties remain only in your thoughts, progress may never happen, and the world might not have as many possibilities.

Therefore, the lowercase 'n' at the beginning of "new" signifies that we are still growing and serves as a constant reminder to approach our journey with a humble and learning attitude. The logo is designed as the intersecting diagonal crosses of 'WM,' resembling both dependence and a force seeking liberation. I believe this essence is where the 'new' originates."

–Tan Zhuo

Artistic Innovation Promotional Ambassador of the 13th Beijing International Film Festival and Founder of the Artistic Innovation Unit.