Have a Nice Weekend – Chris Lee
Chris Lee

Poster for the Release of Chinese Singer Chris Lee’s 10th Studio Album “Have a Nice Weekend“.

Music fragments the memories of anguish during confinement, small and abstract, dancing in rhythm, reassembling into a joyful future.

Sometimes, it's like we freeze our smiles, stiff bodies flashing before lined glass. Clear yet filled with blurry and repetitive visual segments, actions decomposed into abstract content in vertical strips. Clearly sensing our own movements, yet only a vague, unclear perception.

At times, it remains still, letting music shred and refine the sadness and oppression of recent years. It becomes so small, like airborne dust, indiscernible in content but fluttering and swirling in the air. Controlled by the rhythm, trembling, vibrating, dancing, never seeming to land.

But time eventually takes away the anguish, and music heals us. When the visuals are still, beauty reappears, completely covering the original visual image, transforming into images full of aesthetics and vitality. Music and aesthetics heal the sorrow.