Great Aspirations – Qi Baishi’s Artistic World
Beijing Fine Art Academy

On the occasion of the 160th birthday of the Chinese artist Qi Baishi, the Center for Visual Arts Berlin presents the exhibition "Great Aspirations – Qi Baishi’s Artistic World“.

Qi Baishi (1864 in Xiangtan to 1957 in Beijing) was and still is one of the most renowned and respected artistic personalities in China. He came from a peasant family and only discovered poetry and painting at the age of 30, which he initially learned on his own. Later, he traveled extensively throughout China and settled in Beijing at the age of 60, where he reformed traditional Chinese ink painting in his later works by combining and developing various painting styles. During this time, he gained national and international fame and recognition. He became the Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, received the "International Peace Prize," and was awarded the title of "Artist of the People.“