detour — Design Show of Jianping He in Hong Kong
Innocentre Hongkong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

"In 1996, I left China for an unfamiliar city, Berlin, on my own. I remember the past 12 years, which include a shift from studying and working at university to establishing my own studio. My life felt difficult and arduous and it seemed to me that I had taken a detour in my journey. I thought that if I had avoided the circuitous route in my life, I could cast aside all my struggles, anxiety, pain and conflicting feelings. I almost forgot how to appreciate the scenery on my life journey. In 2008, Innocentre Hong Kong and Hong Kong Polytechnic University invited me to present a solo exhibition in Hong Kong. As I fretted over packing the works, I thought about my long journey from China to Europe.
Now, the trip seemed reversed as my works were taking the long journey back to Asia. This exhibition was also part of my circuitous life, hence the title detour."