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Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.  /  Tokyo Printing Museum

Graphic Trial 2017 was an exploration of the relationship between graphic design and the art of printing, seeking new forms of expression. Every year, cutting-edge graphic designers and artists are invited to experiment with different printing techniques to create innovative works of graphic art, which are then presented at the Graphic Trial exhibition. 2017 marked the 12th Graphic Trial exhibition.
The exhibition featured works by Masayoshi Nakajo, Jumping He, Yuni Yoshida and Shohei Sawada. Collaborating with them in using offset printing to push the limits of artistic expression were the printing directors at Toppan Printing.
The 2017 theme Fusion reflects the era of instant global communication, unshackled from the limits of time and space. New sources of creativity are formed where different people and cultures intersect, technologies emerge and ideas flow freely.
Together artists and Toppan Printing Directors work together at the spearhead of design.