Hesign was established in Berlin, Germany in 2002. In 2007, the branch company in Hangzhou was opened to develop the Asian market. Hesign makes publishing, design, space and curation the focus of its business. Lead with international perspective and a dedication to design and cultural undertakings, combining the zeitgeist of European culture and the tradition of Asian culture, hesign has created many successful cases in the fields of publishing, design, space and cultural exchange, and earned a name for itself in the profession.

  • hesign International GmbH
  • Unter den Eichen 101

  • D-12203 Berlin
  • Germany
  • Tel: +49-30-8209 6383
  • info@hesign.com

  • hesign International Co. Ltd.
  • No.1 Chuangyi Rd.
  • Zhuantang Town
  • West Lake District
  • 310024 Hangzhou
  • PR.China
  • Tel:+86-571-8709 8605
  • info@hesignchina.com
  • www.hesignchina.com